A friend and I were speaking about life lessons and all the obstacles that one endures throughout life. She heard about this blog and asked me to share her experience. We will call this friend S. S grew up in a household with a step-father who was an alcoholic and and a drug user, her mother was an alcoholic and she and her sister and mother were frequently was assaulted by the step father. S’s real father moved around from woman to woman and has been married several times and this left little time for him to spend with her. This young woman has been a victim of molestation from a family member as well as the abuse from her parents. She relayed that “life is tough, but you cannot use your life and the obstacles as an excuse to not better your life”. 

When speaking about her trials she sits and thinks about how her life is so different now, than what it was as a child. She tells me that she has broken the cycle of physical and substance abuse in her own life by abstaining from substances and also by “saying goodbye” to the people in her life that do not allow her to grow mentally. S has almost a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and admits to having mental health issues as an adult. But she also relays that even when she feels better she knows that she needs her medication to function. Even though she needs medication she functions as a contributing adult by working outside the home, taking care of her home and also by taking care of her children. 


I would like to take the time to say thank you to S for sharing her personal story with me. I would also like to thank her for filling me in on her ways of overcoming obstacles in her own life. This leads me to be thankful for all of the obstacles that I have faced and all that I have endured that has led me here to where I am both personally and professionally. It is with obstacles that we learn, that we grow and from which we can overcome. Take the time to overcome your obstacles so you can find inner peace in your life. Break the cycles of physical abuse, substance abuse and mental abuse- be strong– it all starts within you!! 

Change obstacles-2

I would like to share some links that will help you begin to overcome the obstacles in your life, please check them out !!








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