Letting Go.

Too often we find ourselves dwelling about things that have happened in our past. I have not heard of a time machine that let anyone go back to the past and fix anything, have you? To live means to function and to exist in life.. living in the past means that you are not living because you cannot enjoy life in the current moment. Live in the moment of today- be aware of the things that you are doing, seeing and experiencing. You cannot control every portion of your life which includes today or latter years. But you can be aware of the current situations that occur and deal with them in a manner that is positive. Sharing a few quotes may be of assistance to those who living in the past instead of in the future.. I will share a few with you. As cited by the Quote Garden (2014)

Living the past is a dull and lonely business; looking back strains the neck muscles, causing you to bump into people not going your way. ~Edna Ferber

One problem with gazing too frequently into the past is that we may turn around to find the future has run out on us. ~Michael Cibenko

Our past is like a footprint. It only confirms we were there. No burden on our future does it bear. Bring the rain, clear the pane of clutter. ~Jeb Dickerson,

It is OK to remember things as long as the reminder is used to better your current life. Take from the experience as a learning tool to find peace, overcome obstacles and be resilient. It is human nature to remember parts of our lives, however what makes you strong is the ability to dissect the memory and put it to good use. Think of the positive experience that came from the negative situation- for instance, you got arrested when you were younger. Does that define who you are in this moment? Have you used the experience to better your life? If so then those positive things are what you should focus on. So what I got arrested, that was my past (acknowledge the problem-but I don’t live there anymore) follow that with- I have done X,Y.Z to better myself (explaining growth) and I am now living in the present awaiting a future.

Think of the missed opportunities that you have had while trying to focus on the past. Better yet, think of the current opportunities awaiting you because YOU DESERVE it! Sasson (2014) states,

Do you know how many opportunities are missed due to dwelling on the past, instead of seeing and being conscious of what is happening at the present moment? When our mind is elsewhere we behave like robots, and repeat the same mistakes of the past, do the same things, and then complain that our life is dull and uninteresting.

This is a powerful and an amazingly accurate statement because in essence when living in the past a person walks around frightened and anxious over what is going to happen next because they haven’t made changes or dealt with “OLD” stuff – so they can move on to better things. There is no person other than you as an individual who is¬†responsible for your growth and your happiness. Yes bad things happen but it is ultimately up to you to take the steps to make changes occur in your life. You cannot change the past, nor can you change people. Happiness starts within you… you choose how to live, you choose how to react to people and to situations. Turning a negative situation into a positive reflection begins with you so you can LIVE in the here and now. LET US BEGIN ANEW, LET US BEGIN TO LOVE, EXPERIENCE LIFE IN THE NOW, RIGHT NOW -TODAY!!


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